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When making airline reservations:

Handicap travel tips1- Make your reservation as far in advance as possible.

2- Tell the representative that you will be traveling with a wheelchair or scooter.

3- Inform them if you need assistance when boarding (an aisle chair to get to your seat).

4- If it is a long flight and you are able to use a standard plane restroom; but, are unable to walk to the restroom ask that they make an aisle chair available to you during the flight.

5- Always confirm that they have a record of your requests 48 hours prior to departure.

When you get to the airport:

1- Arrive early

2- Always check your chair or scooter at the boarding gate and request it be brought back to you at the gate when you arrive.

3- It is suggested that you use gel or foam filled batteries in your scooter or power chair and carry the paperwork on the batteries with you in case any questions arise (NOTE: Standard acid filled batteries will be removed by ground crew and packed in special containers for transport).

4- You can request that your fold up wheelchair be stowed in the on- board coat closet. (NOTE: there is usually only room for one wheelchair and it is available on a first-come basis so you should arrive early to make your request).

5- Make sure your name and address is on your equipment and that it has a gate delivery tag if it is being stowed below.

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6- DAMAGE CONTROL - Tape clear instructions on scooters or power chairs on how the batteries are disconnected and for any other disassembly or prep for transport. (Remember, even if you are available to give instructions the crew at the other end didn't see how it came apart.)

7- If you need assistance transferring to the plane seat, take responsibility for yourself and tell the staff how to help you or pick you up, etc. Yes, they should be trained, but you are always safer never assuming anything.

8- Before landing remind the flight attendant that you will need your equipment brought to the gate so they can radio ahead to make the arrangements.

9- If you have any problems or damage ask to speak to the 'Complaint Resolution Officer.'

10- If you are traveling with a scooter or power chair, make sure you arrange for transportation that will be able to accommodate your equipment upon arrival.




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