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Tips for finding the lowest fares

Purchasing tickets in advance...

Cheap Airfares tips is the best way to find the lowest airfare. For example, tickets purchased with no advance reservation cost $726.00 dollars. Purchasing the same tickets 7 days in advance dropped the price to $298.00. With a 14 day advance purchase, the tickets dropped to $195.00 dollars.
A 14 day or more advance purchase of these airline tickets would save $531.00 dollars. A 21 day advance purchase will save even more. It is a good idea to plan your travel in advance, if possible.

Try and purchase round trip tickets...

instead of one way. Airlines often charge less for the round trip tickets. You should research both options and check to see if you can use the unused portion of the round trip ticket at a later date. In a highly competitive market, prices on tickets can often change, so keep an eye on them.


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