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Leave a detailed Itinerary.

General travel tipsBe sure to give a friend or relative your travel schedule. Include names, addresses, and telephone numbers of persons and places to be visited; your passport number and the date and place it was issued; credit card, travelers check, and airline ticket numbers. A copy of this information should be stored in a separate place from your purse or wallet. If your travel plans change--for example, if you miss your return flight to the United States or extend your trip--be sure to notify relatives or friends at home.

Give yourself enough time before departure.

Make sure your give yourself sufficient time to arrive at the airport. Be sure to check with the airline directly to reconfirm your flight departure time. This will help avoid any unnecessary stress while on vacation. Having to continuously rush while on vacation will defeat the purpose of "leisure travel".

Do not over plan.

Allow time to relax and really enjoy yourself. Even if this is your once-in-a-lifetime trip, don't feel you have to fill every available minute. Prepare for your trip ahead of time by getting plenty of rest. Make sure to make time to relax while on vacation. If you are visiting a country such as China, where physical activity can be quite strenuous and sudden changes in diet and climate can have serious health consequences for the unprepared traveler, consult your physician before you depart.




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